pic: Sleepy 447

Adam Hinz from team 447 takes a happy rest. Some people look so cute when they sleep. He’s very obviously one of them. Tell him so the next time you see him.

hey! that’s me!

thanks genia!!!
hug cos you love em


It must be a boring match. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I think a lot of people finally got a chance to sleep at the comp after being awake for two days and running out of Dew. :smiley:

Especially team 447. Man, if people don’t know their travel story, let’s just say it involves a bus that breaks down in Louisville on the way down from Anderson (a bit north of Indianapolis). ^^
I took a 1 hour nap in there somewhere.

HUGS to you too, Adam

next time i will take shaving cream with me to the competition… lots of ppl 108 were sleeping @ UCF regional… (time shave cream them… :smiley: )