pic: Sleepy Guerrillas


WMR was exciting but so stressful!
Most 469ers used the bus ride home (2.5 hours) to sleep :smiley:

Billfred, where is the caption contest on this one???!!!

Lets see from what I can tell is Felix on the right passed out first, and after Alex on the left passed out after him. There must have ben a bump and moved there heads so close together. Im so happy that our drives work so well together they insist on sleeping too, LOL. Behind them Our Frenchie is apared to be asleep, and Art on the right behind Alex seem to be the only one awake. Great job at the tournament guys, you deserve to sleep as much as you want.

So i guess my caption is

On 469 the drivers just dont think alike they sleep alike aswell, LOL:D :smiley:

LMAO you guys are lucky our bus ride home included a school bus that was slightly chilly and peoples legs everywhere and it all ended up equaling no sleep for anyone :slight_smile:

Beware of cameras and bus rides…

nothing wrong with sleep we all miss it