pic: Small?


tiny robot?


Quite the compact setup you’ve got there. Though I might be a bit worried that having the battery so close to the motors could potentially cause the casing to melt if the motors get to hot. :ahh:

If you look at the background, it’s sitting on top of the bump lengthwise. Those wheels aren’t more than about a foot apart.

The end wheels look like they’re from the 2007 or 08 KOP, so they’re 6" diameter making the whole robot about 20" long (minus bumpers).

If the weight all stays low like that it should be nice and stable, and very nimble

Looks like you have some capacity to herd a ball, do you plan to kick it?

they are around 14" apart.(the end kit wheels)

the robot is 19" wide and I cant remember the length ATM lol

Wow, that is small! :ahh:

How are you going to package the rest of the electronics?

everything is already on there, except for the CRIO, we are still trying to figure out where to put it lol,

the robot still needs to be welded before we can wire eveything :rolleyes:

Can you add some electrical tape to the battery connections? With a package this small, it is possible to short the battery to frame or other robot stuff and that would cause you immense problems. The inspector will make you do it when you get competition so you might as well start now.

sure thing;)

I think the robot is pretty awesome how it is so small but yet does everything that you needed to. Now that’s amazing. I kind of want to see it in action. But can I ask do you kick it or do you just herd it? But anyway I’m sure it will do great when it comes to competition time. So good luck!

We are working on a kicker for the front, our prototype kicks the ball about 20"off the ground and about 4 feet forward in the air.

I want it to be more powerful.

Ok sounds cool. I think the kicker would be better anyway. Thats sounds about the right high and length to score a goal but have you ever thought about kicking it up and hitting the target?

Why would you want to hit the target? The target is there to aid camera systems and it is not worth any points.

Well i guess so. for some reason i thought you did get points for hitting it.

It may be just the angle, but it looks like the inner toughbox sprocket (to the chain to drive the front and back wheels) has very little chain wrap. No matter how well you tension it, you usually want at least 120 degrees of wrap on any powered sprockets like that.

Looks good though! Can’t wait to see it with a kicker.

ya we know, it’s got like 4 teeth of wrap, which is why we added the tensioner. it should be fine, but if it isent we will just move the tensioner and add some links to the chain.

Badap bababa…I’m lovin it. You dont even need a suv to hall It around in!

Well either way I really think that your guy’s robot will do amazing in competition. But I have another question… Are you guys going to hang of the tower at the end of the match?