pic: Smallest Gearbox Yet?

Front and rear plates are 3"x3.5" Plate is actually aluminum, just clear in this pic so you can see inside. weight with cim < 4lbs.

Single stage 14:50 reduction?

I do believe that Team 384 had a smaller one on the CIM, then called an Atwood, in 2002. It sat almost entirely within the foot print of the motors front. But I think there have been smaller than it, but that is still a great looking piece! Low weight and it looks rather robust.


Yes, single stage 14:50 reduction. or 3.6 to 1

Both this: http://www.andymark.biz/am-0002.html
and this: http://www.andymark.biz/am-0449.html

offer 3.67:1 ratios in the footprint of the CIM’s face. They’re planetary gears, and not spur gears.

Nice design though… I think you could make it lighter and smaller if you wanted to.

i know of those andymark products. but unfortunately our budget just couldn’t afford it.

Wait, which budget :ahh:

are you talking about using it as a manipulator or for drive system?


no talking, it is the gearbox for the drive system.

wait… is 2200 attending 2010 GTR or not? Your TBA banners say you are, but FIRST is only reporting you attending WAT this year?

Were only attending WAT this year, we dropped out of GTR at the last minuite because we lacked the funds.

Ah. Well, see you there then! Fortunately this year 1075 picked up a new sponsor for enough money to get us to CMP finally. I can’t wait.