pic: Smiley Trackball

The field crew on Curie’s idea of a good time.

Lol. That reminds me of the kool-aid man… :smiley:


As if the Robonauts acceptance wasn’t good enough, it was the first time I noticed the smiley trackball.

Ohhhhhhh YEaaaaaaahhhh

sorry couldn’t resist:D

Haha… No kidding

The first time I really saw the Curie field was after doing some volunteering. I walked over and sat down in the stands and started kinda looking around, transitioning into being in the stands. My eyes focused on this big red ball that was just sitting there…smiling.

That was about the time I decided that Curie was rockin’…and maybe just a little nuts.

Curie also rocked out as being the highest scoring field on Thursday with scores of over a thousand! :smiley:

When I saw the scorboard acting crazy and putting up scores of 1,000+ i thought that the scoring system was messed up but then i noticed one of the refs punching his scoring buttons like it was a video game.

HAHAHA! That’s Awesome!


Yep. Maybe someone should tell the Curie ref and field crews to behave themselves. :wink:

The thing of it is Liz the refs were behaving themselves. That is part of the
FIRST experience is to have fun and as someone said above to ROCK. Curie always Rocks. See you next year. :smiley:

Yeah… I was just kidding. I agree and know that first hand. I was one of the refs.

cough I wonder whose idea this was…hm, let me think…