pic: Smog draft1 DiscoBots 2587 Offseason robot

Download the full res image so you can zoom in on the individual components. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzBrFVXr3ro9V3VqbXQ4QlVmZDg

Smog is our working title. Smog will be our demo robot. It is designed to drive up curbs and pop wheelies for fun. Wheelie mechanism is inspired by that on 111’s 2012 bot. In the spirit of Disco, Smog will have built in speakers, tons of LEDs, Lasers, and an integrated fog machine. We might even add a mount for a projector for portable movie night.

0.09" Aluminum Sheet metal.
8x6inch wheels. Debating between colsons and pneumatics.

We intend to build this by the end of summer. We are developing a kickstarter campaign to fund it. Hopefully that will be released soon.

This is by first real sheet metal drivetrain. Please let me know what you think.


If you look at how 254 incorporated a lift kit, it used much less space than your projected one. I can see the big pneumatic cylinders sticking up to be quite annoying.


YES! Now we can Play robot LEAPFROG! or should I say LEAPROBOT!!!

…suddenly, I know how I’m going to beat defensive robots next year…

I like their implementation however I feel that is is easier to achieve super high wheelies with my version. I will draft up a cheesypoof style lift for comparison. Thanks for pointing that design out!

The current piston stroke is 5 inches. I might increase the stroke for a higher wheelie.

Just want to throw out that depending on the placement of this thing and how far out it goes you could theoretically use this as a stinger as well.

y do u have such big wheels around the rotatory?

Wheelie smeelie, Where is the mirror ball?

The implementation used by the Cheesypoofs places the cylinder rod in tension. This is a much safer method than one that places the rod in compression since there is less of a chance of bending the rod. Any deflection on a rod in tension will be resisted (for the same reason a string in tension tends to remain straight. However if the rod is in compression, the deflection will cause the force of the cylinder to move out of alignment generating torque to bend the rod. My biggest concern would be if the rollers were to hit anything at appreciable speed.

The orange wheels between the front two sets of drive wheels? Those are there to keep curbs and bumps front scraping the frame when climbing. The wheels on the end of the lift do the same when the lift is retracted. I might add a third set between that rear four drive wheels.

Happy now? =)

Thanks. Will take this into consideration for the next revision