pic: Smokin' Fast Minibot of 1519 at GSR

The last match of the day on Friday at GSR was a replay of Match #11 between 69, 166, 126 and 3566, 78, 1519. In the original match, #3566 never moved due to field issues (Red #1 was dead in matches 8-11), and 69, 166, 126 won by a score of 66-49. In the end-of-day replay, 3566, 78, 1519 won by a score of 90-34, highlighted by many tubes scored by 78 and successful minibot ascents by 1519 and 3566.

However, the “off” switch for 1519’s minibot didn’t get activated at the top of the tower (the lexan mounting bracket broke from the impact of hitting the trigger plate)! As a result, the thermal protection circuit board in the Tetrix thermal protection wire went up in smoke!

It was amazing how the smoke could be smelled throughout the entire Verizon Wireless Arena…

Photo credit to Team 61 and Cindy Prescott.

PS: We had (and still have) spares for everything on the minibot – it was operating again for the next match.

Are you certain it was Lexan? That sounds more like Acrylic.

At least it got first place in the mini-bot race :smiley:

100% agreed that it sounds more like acrylic. However, we’re certain of the material composition, as we had taken the “GE Lexan” backing off just before the tournament. Most of the fault is ours in that the problem was that the section of the mounting bracket that broke had a cross section of only 1/8" by < 1/16" and wasn’t cut cleanly. I speculate that there was probably a small tear in that part of the mounting bracket which caused the failure of the bracket.

Sad day. At least it was entertaining for the audience.

Side note: What is that camera looking thing in the bottom left of the picture?

It is a camera and there are two of them on either side of the FTA tables aimed at the field.

The minibot never quite lost the smell. Even during the finals the next day, I could smell a familiar odor as the students were setting up the robot ready for the match…

Fortunately the smell did not slow the minibot down :slight_smile:


Thats awesome!

This picture summarizes my feelings on those particular motors.

Congrats by the way.


That looks amazing. It looks like the minibot was willing to sacrifice itself in order to win the race! :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully the broken parts aren’t too expensive to get spares of.

does anyone have a video?

This is a video of GSR Match 11, but it was taken from the upper-deck of the arena and therefore, it is difficult to see details. The announcer does mention smoke at the end though! :stuck_out_tongue:

It certainly was an interesting experience watching the minibot smoke for about 2 minutes while the refs were checking the score!

oh, i saw that one when i was looking for a video. I didnt think it was it because the announcer said it was the Third match.