pic: Smoooooooooooth!!!

This it the tread for 1024… it runs so smoooooth… :cool:

so how did u make that? that is soo smooth

I am blown away by how awesome that looks. this year’s our first attempt at using tracks, so I can safely say it’s not nearly as great-looking as that beauty~! Good job!

It’s difficult to see in the picture if those timing belts have a centering bar down the middle that rides in a groove on your timing pulleys. Do they?

If not, what keeps the timing belt from “walking” off its drive pulleys laterally when misaligned or while turning?

It does have a centering track that rides in a groove in the pulleys… we got the tracks from brecoflex…

we used the tracks themselves last year with a different frame and we happy with them… they did suck a lot of power though… so we wnet with this frame design and better bearings…

The wheels are made on a rapid prototyper out of abs plastic…

I have to say, that is one of the nicest tread design systems I have seen in recent years, congrats!

nice work! how many pieces is it total? i count 10…

The hubs for the wheels are pretty complex… a few kids spent weeks on a lathe… but the bearing fit perfectly and it is all very solid…
I would say 20 - 30 parts total… I am sure we will use these for years…

Nice work guys :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see those in action, they look beautiful. :]

w00t mad props to me for the wheels :smiley: :wink:

can you guys go up the 6in step with them?

yea we have a wheelie bar too so we dont tip over

This is a great looking tread system. The adjustment mechanism in the front looks user-friendly. The slight “bow” in the bottom will save you from throwing treads. You Kil-a-Bytes really did your homework on this elegant design.

These guys were Rookie All-Stars in St. Louis last year, and St. Louis had many great rookies. They look to be a formidable contender in 2004.

Good luck!

Andy B.

thanks andy that means alot coming from you :smiley: thx to the technokats for helping us get started. you should see the drive train we “tried” to build :wink:

that will be fun to run into! :ahh:

Sweet looking tread system. SPAM has been building treaded 'bots for five years now. This is one nice design.

Wow, I hope I get to see that in action some time this year…our tracks don’t look nearly as sweet as that…something to aspire to though.