pic: Sneak peek at 5940's robot

A look at our completed robot

Nice and clean! It looks like you are using pneumatics, care to explain how?

Also what is the purpose of the opening in the clear plastic on top?

It appears that they have Vex Pro Ball Shifters.

I am also curious about the hole in the plastic. Is it to hold a ball?

This is the shortest bot I ever seen

We are using the pneumatics for the ball shifters, correct.

The hole in the plastic is so when the ball is in the shooter mechanism it isn’t overly compressed.

Having seen this thing in person, it really flies! Definitely going to be one of the better breachers and low goal scorers at SVR.


Can we talk about how awesome it is that their robot is named Focaccia… this team is going places.

Seriously though that’s an awesome name for what looks like a great rookie robot. Good luck this season!