pic: SnoBot Teaser 2

It hurts when you get hit with them…

Our large gripper! Also capable of scooping up many smaller balls and retrieving the 10pt ball with ease!

Nice job with the arms. Did you bend them yourself? And what are you using to activate them? I’ll also say it’s kind of ironic how the ball matches the pipes/ductwork in your shop.

I didnt bend them personaly, but we did bend them in our shop. They arnt exactly perfectly the same, we just bent them by clamping them to a bench and used a pipe bender lever thingy. You cant realy see them in that picture, but they have little rollers at the end which pop a ball right into their grip. Their actuated with a pnumatic cylinder. Im going to post another picture when I decide which one is the best later tonight or tomarrow… or eventualy… :smiley:

Those gripper arms look awfully familliar… :smiley:
We bent ours out of EMT. We’re using a 3 arm based grabbing system…

there was alot of evolution in our gripper. We started off with 3 fingers, 2 on top 1 on bottom, then we went to 2 on top to 1 on bottom with the bottom having rollers, then we went to the roller on the bottom, then we went to 2 on the bottom an 1 on top, then we went to the same with different combiniations of rollers, and eventualy we ended up with our current one of 2 on top 2 on bottom with rollers on the bottom… :smiley: