pic: Snowstorm in Louisville??


On the way to Atlanta this spring we ran into, of all things, A SNOWSTORM! We were just pulling in to Louisville when the snow began to fall…and pile up! We thought we were in for quite the ride but the snow turned to rain and we drove right on out of it!

I thought it only snowed in Wisconsin in April! Ha!

it snows in wisconsin as late as may :wink:

Boy do I miss snow. I moved here to “sunny” California 3 years ago and have seen about 1 inch of snow. :frowning:
Must have been quite the surprise to run into snow this time of year.

Man I wish I was there… I miss it already too… I love when it snows… Nothing like the snow in New England on a cold winter’s day…

As for snow… we usually have out last storm or accumulation here in April. However, I know of 4th of July holidays in the past where it has been so cold rain has turned to flurries. :eek:

Michigan. We haven’t seen snow since april, but it has been doing some major cloudbursts this past week. And that’s just Grand Rapids!

Funny thing - I had to drive SOUTH to get into snow and I haven’t seen any since this picture was taken!