pic: SO COOL!!!!!

When did Duff come to Baltimore?? (Or is this not Baltimore?)

Duff, the Ace of Cakes, visited the Chesapeake Regional in 2010.

Oh ok. But still VERY COOL! :slight_smile:

Im feeling a robot cake is in order?

That would be AWESOME! I say we give Duff a call for next year. :wink:

Well, Buddy from “Cake Boss” has already made a St. Louis cake. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s lacking a robot! :stuck_out_tongue:

A robot cake is totally in order. I am so completely jealous of the teams at the Chesapeake Regional in 2010, Duff is an amazing cake artist :smiley:

Forget the robot cake. The only reasonable response to this photograph is a cake robot!