pic: So far.. inventored robot. Team 617

Looks good!

Any chance on us getting a cloer render of the tread system? It looks like an interesting tensioning system to me, I’d like to see more.

Nice work!

Nice. Looks sweet. :slight_smile: I’ll post Team 2016’s up once we finish all the “pretty” touches.:smiley:

Looks awsome guys… keep up the good work, and good luck this year at your regionals… your robot looks fight worthy! :slight_smile:

thats a lot of holes…those must have taken forever to drill on the bot


I have to do the back ramp, ill show a better version of the robot in 2 days. I’ll probably have all the pneumatics done by then.

These are the tanktreads. I didnt have all the curves & holes in the tank treads, so I posted the actual treads.


Sweet Jesus…those are some amazing nice drive trains…dewalts into a beval gear…nice use of space saving and stuff…looks amazing…

i really like it

Wow. I’ll be interested to hear how that system works for you guys at the end of the season. Looks greeeaaaaaat.

looks good guys, you going to post a pic with a gripper or am I not looking closely enough to your arm?

Thanks. Wait till I show how the legs for the robot work. :smiley: Ill have it up in a few days along with the other stuff

I havent finished the claw for the arm yet. I actually haven’t even started working on the claw.

This is the claw: