pic: So I Printed Something

Got a Printrbot Maker for Christmas, decided to figure out the whole 3d printing thing by making the beloved Plowie (Dozer for some). I only had Orange and Black (of course team colors!) and the translucentish white that came with the kit, and it is of PLA. Overall I am pleased.

Nice, but I see that is not a dual extruder printer, I am guessing you printed each part separately and glued/pressed them together?

That’s really cool! I got a 3D printer for Christmas as well. Could you provide the STL? I’d like to give the print a try.

I’m probably dating myself, but I’m reminded of Pokey (Gumby’s faithful steed) more than anything else.

And I never noticed until today how Gumby and Shrek both have five-letter names, similar complexions, and a steed that is never (or at least very rarely) actually ridden.

Correct, I do not have a dual-color model. These .STL prints required minor filing/sanding in some places to get right once complete. as a note, for PLA, Use SUPER GLUE! not anything else (I used gorilla glue at first and it is a no-go), as well as other common adhesives. Didn’t try epoxy but superglue works and is way easier. I used Loctite gel superglue and am pleased with it. I also oiled the wheels before the axles were pressed in. Happy printing!

Here is all the .STL files

That is great! I want one! :slight_smile:

However, regarding the above comment, we must be clear. Dozer’s name is “Dozer.” It always has been. It is not, and never has been “Plowie.” Plowie is his younger second cousin, who just happens to be a Tonka road-grader. Dozer gets quite offended when he is confused with Plowie. He then goes off and sulks in the corner for the entire afternoon, and it takes an enormous amount of coaxing to get him to settle down and play nicely with the other construction equipment. So please, for the sake of small blue bulldozers everywhere, let’s put an end to this Dozer/Plowie confusion, and just use his proper name.