pic: So Long Robot....and Shoe?!

You see that shoe?

Thats under our robot.

You see that robot?

This inside our crate.

You see that crate?

That crate is gone to SVR!!!


Why didn’t you take out the shoe if you knew it was in there???

Was that some kind of cruel prank.
something to the effect of-
“hey grab his shoe”
“toss it over here”
“hey guess where it is now?”

Bye random shoe!!!

Well think of it this way- its one less thing that person has to remember to bring to regionals…

As a certified inspector, I must warn you that this is an illegal traction device on your robot.:wink:

When you get to regionals, be sure to put the shoe on the other foot…

I hope you sprayed some foot deodorizer on it before closing the crate.
It may get ripe in there when you unpack it.

Only if it ISN’T a free rolling shoe. If it is free to rotate, it should be legal.

At least it wasn’t thrown over a power line…

Hahaha after packing up the crate and everything we showed him the picture of his shoe under the bot :yikes: He wasn’t too happy, but eventually got over the fact that he wouldnt see it until SVR. We then showed him that we took the shoe out of the crate before we packed it up :smiley: He was kind of dissapointed that it wasn’t going to comp though, it was exciting he said.

Still it was a great prank. We had fun with it :slight_smile:

I vote yours as the worst puns of the day, David.

And I think that is quite a feet, er, feat.

hehe that shoe looks familiar:D our original plan was to put someone else’s shoe in there but he knew about our plan and wore lace ups :frowning: so we settled for this guy’s!