pic: So, what do guys do at an all-girl robotics event?

We clean up!

Taken during lunch break today at Wyoming HS, where 23 teams competed. Girls handled the driving and wrenching. Guys did most of the scouting, and a little light housekeeping.

Having used an almost identical vacuum at MAR events, seeing the zip ties on the vacuum head confused me for a second but i quickly figured it out. Thats an awesome idea and will probably be stealing it next year.

What is the purpose of the zipties? To allow the vacuum to slide nicely over the carpet?

I think so. I haven’t used a vacuum like that, but I think the suction causes it to stick to the carpet. The zip ties are slick and allow airflow under the nozzle, so it can be pushed without sticking to the carpet.

I’m pretty sure they’re so it slides on carpet. We have one of those vacuums at school and I think it has rubber bristles on the bottom which prohibit it from freely sliding and it gets it hung up on the carpet.