pic: So, where was YOUR off-season held?

GRITS was held in the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB just south of Macon. It was, quite possibly, the most awesome venue I’ve ever seen for an off-season event.

I could say something about the seating, but really, you had an SR71 within 20 yards of the field… wish I could have been there.

Awesome venue! I would love to see an SR-71 Blackbird up close. I believe that plane still holds the air speed record.

Nice job!


That is so cool/awesome/jaw dropping/i so want to go next year factor!!!:yikes:

man that looks like fun. I now have a new desktop background!

Psh yea but did any of them transform?:yikes:

Very cool venue. Congrats on a great competition (from what I heard from 1771.)

Well, not unless anybody there had a broken piece of the AllSpark…

Wow, what an amazing venue. One of the reasons I liked regolith was the way it made photos like this nice and bright.

Well, MY off season event, I was too distracted to pay attention to the venue. IRI does that :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody know if that field border is custom or borrowed from FIRST?
If it’s borrowed, could this be the new field design mentioned back in July?

Looks like the AM design (AKA custom); it certainly isn’t the design used since 1999 or whenever the last revision was, which has no diagonals.

The Andymark field is wooden, and so far as I can remember in the few times I’ve seen it, looks nothing like this.

:eek: :eek:

I WANT TO BE THERE!!! :yikes:

That place looks freaking awesome!!! What can be more awesome than a combination of an FRC event and an Air Force museum with all these awesome aircrafts!!! :smiley:

I envy all of the participants. :mad:

I believe that GeorgiaFIRST built this one a few years ago before anyone had released drawings to roll their own. (I believe this is the same border I saw as the Peachtree practice field when I went in 2006.)

On one hand I like seating, on the other… SR-71 within spitting distance of the field… Eh, I spend most competitions standing anyway.


Awesome venue! A great way to promote the FRC program as well. Did the museum make you guys like an attraction (i.e. promoted/advertised the event)?


That field border belongs to GeorgiaFIRST. It’s used for their pre-ship scrimmage event and as the practice field at Peachtree. If my memory serves, it was built for the 2004 season.

I ran across an article today while reading about the new hydrogen-powered land speed record.

The SR-71 has been in a distant 2nd since NASA broke the record with their X-43A. Of course, there are major differences, such as a 10-second flight vs. a several-hour flight, but those are minor details so some. These days since we’re all about energy efficiency, I don’t see why we just aim for a nice round 1039.1876 mph at an altitude of 10km (~33,000 ft). That way a passenger plane that took off during daylight and headed east could maintain the use of solar energy no matter how far it had to fly…

Sounds like another good X-challenge to me.

Do you mean west?

Ah, yes … west. Whoops!

I’d have to say that the SR-71 still holds the record for manned, reusable flight… And possibly the speed-to-size ratio.