pic: So yeah this happened

At the Inland Empire Mini Maker Faire and the Riverside bomb squad was there. Our bot had the pleasure of shaking hands with one of his brave (and expensive) brethren.

For a second there, I thought the bomb squad robot was an FRC bot.
I was like, “interesting wheel choice. How are they gripping the ball?”

I see somebody redesigned their gripper. Did you go to any other offseasons?

No sadly we did not our main focus of the off-season was creating something that we could take to sponsors. We realized there is a whole other element that is effected by the FIRST game each year, how interesting is the robot to a sponsor. Our robot did fairly well, for a rookie bot, buy just picking up and setting down the ball or herding the ball. Now that we are in the off season that is kind of boring to a potential sponsor as compared to being able to shoot a Frisbee. Oh the things you learn :smiley:

Either the bomb disposal robot is shaking hands…or…perhaps we should ask what that balloon was inflated with?

Just hand over the big blue ball of C4 and everything will be OK.

I like the black chassis :wink: