pic: Softball at Dean's House

Well this is where you’ll find me on Wednesday nights… it’s a good time (until June 25th that is, then it’s back to class at NU… :frowning: )

Luck… grumblegrumble*

Hey, remeber that kid who you were talking to at the Hard Rock when you were locking up your Segway? That was me. :slight_smile:

By using my very slow logic… this would mean that you know where Dean lives?!

I must have been standing three feet from Erin at that time, and I don’t remember seeing you at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking about seeing you, I’m doing this flash project on the segway for school and as I was checking out some segway websites I noticed a familiar name- JosephM… and MattK also, but how do you have time for that website with CD???

Is that a DEKA-employee softball group I’m guessing?

Such nice grass…lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t mind playing on that field.

Yup, there are two teams who play Mondays & Wednesdays (I’ll join-up with the Monday team after Blitz).

It’s nice grass… but rather buggy.

Heheh, SegwayChat, I had to dump them awhile ago due to time. Lets just say I have discovered how to bend time. :slight_smile:

BTW, yeah, I was there, I think she came back again, and I was there. I talked to Gabe after that and that’s when I realized that’s not just an Erin, but THE ERIN RAPACKI!

Thats a sweet looking house. :cool:

I wish I could’ve played baseball on such a nice field. sniffle It’s so beautiful.
I’ve got a question, though. Does Dean Kamen come out once in a while?

I just can’t get over how beautiful Dean’s house is…some day I’ll get there. Seeing as how I am an Architectural Engineer (the only one in FIRST???), I just have to ask - does anyone know the details of his house?

-Who designed and built it (did he himself design it…and build it?)
-How long did it take to build?
-Was the steam engine put in piece by piece, or placed first and then built around?
-Sq. footage?
-Do you think he’d show me the blueprints if I asked nicely? :smiley:

Can’t wait to start building my dream house…