pic: SolidWorks 2015 Smart FRC Recycle Rush Field

SolidWorks Model took schematic and STEP file and made the assembly smarter and easier to use. Recycle bins/Totes can be moved. Just add robot!

Download link?

Second on the request for the link :slight_smile:


Is this an assembly in the solidworks kop?

SolidWorks updates the 2015KOP every 24 hours. As we create models - we verify specs, create features for easy assembly and correct errors in imported geometry.

Go to www.solidworks.com/FIRST

Download the 2015KOP

Unzip the file.

2015KOP>RecycleRush>Field&GameElements>FE-0038ASM.SLDASM is the top level assembly.

There are many variations in the Field & Game Elements folder.

Will post major new models on CD as we create them. Marie

Does any one else have this file? I keep getting errors trying to download it:

An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #172.a50a1160.1424816464.24f2adde

Please try www.solidworks.com/first.

We made an update last night. Marie