pic: Solidworks Configurable Chain and Belt Parts

These parts are designed to represent chain and belt in your Solidworks assemblies. Using the equation editor, you simply specify the tooth count of each pulley or sprocket, and the center distance. The density is chosen such that the mass is fairly close to the actual chain. The length of chain in links is calculated and shown with the other equations. Adjusting your center distance to get this to be an even number will get you close, but keep in mind there are a lot of tolerances in real life.

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Thank you this is great.

Looks great. Thanks for posting!

This is great, but is this not already a tool built into Solidworks? I have been using the Belt / Chain tool in assemblies for all my projects, and it seems like it accomplishes the same thing, is there anything this does that the built in one doesnt?

I haven’t used the Belt/Chain tool in Solidworks in a while, but from what I remember it is very easy to use, but it does not calculate pitch diameter, nor does it show an accurate profile of the chain unless you put this in the sketch. It also doesn’t give you an accurate mass.

I found myself always re drawing the chain profile when I needed to check clearance around other parts, and I sometimes wonder how the weight compares between different chain types, so that is why I made these parts.