pic: Solution to FIRST's radio woes.

Only six operator interface radios would be required for the field… and I’m sure lots of teams have as many radios as we do. Come on, it would be easy! you know you want to…

Everybody else is doing it.

Haha yea thats a great idea haha. We had so many problems with our radios that we used the older radios to practice. We are going to send our radios in and get new ones from IFI.

At the end of this season, I’m going to take apart the new radio and an old radio to see what the big difference is between the two designs. I think it’s crazy that the new ones are about the size of the controller itself. And yes, I’m aware that they switched to a new company for the radios.

Amen! We are taking our old radios too…

if nothing else, at least they weigh a little less…

I really think that the older teams should take the initiative and bring all of their old radios. A game where you don’t have control of your robot for long periods of time is no fun (unless, of course you are talking about autonomous :p) It wouldn’t take too many teams bringing them to make using them a viable option.

I only wish… those put the new ones to shame. We could probably supply a whole regional with the tubs of them that we have. I do like them better and they weigh less. After we had radio issues we hooked them up and had no problems at all, but we fixed the problem with the new ones hopefully:)

I feel really, really bad for the first week regional teams. They are the ones that will suffer if this is going to be a big problem. I know we’ve done everything IFI asked on our modems, and they are being sent back. I hope everything works ok. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be a mess.

If a ruling is made to allow 2006 radios in mid competition, I think it would be good if everyone can bring their spares to share with the rookie teams.

If you switch I got you back with another 6 or so. I don’t like the new radio since they have to be vertical and in a high location. The old one you could put anywhere and no issue would really arise.