pic: Some bolts team 1305 suggests

Here's some bolts that many of you might find come in VERY handy through the build season :wink:

sadly enough there are way too many holes i see that these will fit

Looks like a great sheet, should prove handy.

Post here if you find someone who sells any of these.

101, that is funny.

Yeah looks like we could use a couple of those bolts too…The really cool part about that paper is I actually saw some of those bolts on a plaque in Dean Kamens workshop when I was at kickoff. As for right now I’d like to order 50 telescoping bolts in a 1/4"x20 and 10 redrilled hole, still didn’t match in 10-32 thread size. :wink:

Hah. I love it!!!
I’m like laughing in the middle of class because of them… goes back to econ assignment

hmm i really cant think of more. unless you wanna count a too big hole.

sadly, we need a few of the, though it looks like we have a “special drafter” :smiley:

you mean they’re not real? :ahh:

Haha, I’m sure many of us WISH they were real. But I bet if u try hard enough with your hacksaws, drill press and duct tape you could create one or two of them :wink:

I think i’ve created a couple of those during certain desprate attempts to connect two thingamajigs together. Not pretty sites…


Is that a poster…If so where can I get one?


I’m sure you can find a copy of it on the internet, it’s just a sheet that someone brought into one of our meetings for a good laugh. :smiley: