pic: Some Mentors at State Fair

State Fair 2008

YAY Robettes! This picture was taken at the MN state fair where thousands of spectators gathered everyday to see different teams from all over MN compete in a different type of challenge than that of last year’s competition while using last year’s robots. All the teams did a great job and it was great to see so many people interested in robots. FIRST is here to stay in MN!

That’s really neat, what kind of challenge was it?

we had a very small arena (like 10 ft by 10 ft) that was filled with an obstacle course that you couldn’t hit any perimeter, parallel parking, the overpass (with all the normal things you could do last year with that), a box where you had to place the ball, and 90˚ parking. Each task had a point system attached to it (different than in the game, but any robot that could place or hurdle was destined to do better because it was definately the most points). in addition, you could do each task only two times . . . . it was really fun and all of the teams in MN that participated had a great time.

Another great aspect of it was that teams began bonding with each other. For example - team 2169 (King TEC) and team 2177 (The Robettes) spent the afternoon together eating Sweet Martha cookies and sliding down the Big Slide. It was great for teams to be able to get to know one another. Hopefully next summer more teams can join in! :smiley:

silly mentors you should be wearing safety glasses
:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

thanks for being concerned about safety, you are doing a great job. :slight_smile: but safety glasses at lunch a mile away from our robot? In my opinion, thats not going to be that helpful. But i’m glad that you and your team go the extra mile. Thats really cool. :slight_smile: