pic: Some new stuff from #2753

Here is a little preview of what we have been working on over the last few weeks.

Can’t wait to play in Atlanta. Make sure to check us out in the Archimedes division.


so you were good without traction control, a fan, and what appears to be another motor for dumping? I’m scared of how much better you’ll be…

Could we see a rookie leading an alliance to Einstein?

2753 already had traction control. Apparently, this version is better! :ahh:

This is one of the great rookie teams this season, good luck!!!

Is that motor for your fan? If not, what is powering it?

And as if their original robot wasn’t good enough.:stuck_out_tongue:

Team Overdrive is one of the best rookies i’ve seen in several years. Keep up the good work, but don’t get too good(too late)!:slight_smile:

There is a CIM under the mounting plate.

whats the additional motor on the right for? speed up the shooter?

I don’t know, I think that 2056 was a pretty good rookie.

Nice fan should really help you in such a hard division.

Just another johnny-come-lately … J/K :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, Specs?

Looks to me like a ~20" APC or Zinger directly driven by a single CIM … (you might want to do your calculations for current through the motor :wink: )

I completely forgot about them. 2056 was THE best rookie I have seen overall. No one really stuck out last year. However, 2753 could make it farther than 2056 did in ATL, and that could change my opinion.

No offense to 2056, who is clearly one of the elite teams in FIRST now, but I think 2753 is better than 2056’s rookie bot (pre-IRI, I’d give the nod to the 2056 IRI bot which had a very subtle but very significant difference). That being said, I’m not sure if 2753 is the best rookie this year once you also consider 2826, 2970, and 2775. All four of those teams (as well as 2815, 2809, and others) will be in the mix for the Rookie All-star and unofficial “best rookie bot” honors.

How do you plan to mount the fan?

Its a 24x6 XOAR and yes it does draw a massive 36 amps at full tilt, but the breaker and motor seem to deal with it just fine. I did add a heatsink to the backside of motor to keep things more cool.

Sick Tyler, just Sick. I have one objection though, thats not a fan… That’s a @#$%&* Propeller!

Best Of Luck on Archi… Not that you’ll need it . You have a Fan Now :wink:

I definitely agree that 2056 is one of the more elite teams in first. 6 consecutive regional wins says something, and I do find 2753’s robot equal but possibly better than 2056’s rookie bot. But I personally think that 2753 is my favorite rookie team this year, I’m not saying that all other rookies are bad, they all have pros to all of them.

Nice rendition of 45’s design, should add a fair amount to your robot. Looks like 1771 and 1323 do know how to teach a few things as well…

Its sort of a rendition of 45’s design but really only in the way it uses a single 2 blade wood prop, unlike 1771 that uses 2 smaller ones. I sort of took my own direction with the shroud idea even though I think 1771 shroud is better, we just don’t have the room for it.

what the fan for?

Pushing Truck Town, if you’re in the same division.:stuck_out_tongue: (Old-timers might get this one.)

Extra speed, acceleration, and push without contacting the floor via traction device are the reasons most teams have/add fans.