pic: Some unwanted publicity for Gary!

yay my laptop is famous!!!
i had a great idea to play the famous “numanuma” guy infront of the camera. the camera man eventually zoomed in on him and alot of the crowd started lauging. I hope Gary wasn’t watching the fl webcast lol

I MISSED THAT?! Between which matches did it happen?

at the sacramento regional they just played the whole song… it was awesome…

its the florida regional and thats a member of SPAM holding up a laptop

i heard about this…i was in the pits when this happened…
s.p.a.m. just having some more fun…i believe that was nick’s laptop there…

all wellz…good times :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what match number it was… if u look closley you can see teams exiting the field, so i guess you can look at a match list and search for those teams.
I Plan on trying to do this at South Carolina also, if the camera is set up ina similar way, so try to watch the webcast cause simthing mia appear on the screen :wink: