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Of these two I pick the one on the right.
How about you?

its funny, Erin Rapacki and I did a parade on segways last weekend and there were some unicycles in it and unless you are the Michael Jordan of unicycles you will never have a 0 turning radius.

You could not even get close to them! They kind of just wobbled all over the place!

Erin has a picture of the parade and she can post it if she wants

O btw- The Shriners were also on their little go-peds and one ended up crashing… gotta love dynamic stabilization


I must contest this. I am an unofficial level 3 unicyclist and I just went outside and did a 180 with 0 turn radius just to prove you wrong.


And that “Micheal Jordan” would probably be Kris Holm.

One wheel is better than two!
Here’s a thread I think people would be interested in. There is a brand of unicycle called a coker, which has a 36" diameter wheel, and some of these guys have created a 1:1.5 pedal rotation to wheel ratio with a special hub. Top speed on an ordinary coker for the average rider is maybe 15, with some reports of 20+. This Uber-Coker will certainly go 20+ mph.


the problem with the unicycle is ballence. In fact you could do a competition to see which has a better sense of ballence, the human equalibirium (< not sure on spelling and cant find dictionary :o ) or the advanced computerized gyroscope of the segway. if the person can last longer than the segways battery they might just win.

The range of the unicyle is limited by the rider’s endurance. Also, a Segway can spin on its axis all day long.

i’m pretty sure I’d balance MUCH better on a Segway than a unicycle, so I’ll stick to the Segway.

The Segway could also just stay balanced in one spot. Even if you’re really good on a unicycle I doubt you could stay balanced for long without falling over or touching the ground.

if only you could put chrome rims on the segway… cuz then again its not about how fast it goes… its about how much expensive junk you can put on it right? :yikes:

cough For Dean Kamen’s sake, I go for the Segway. Besides, the unicycle is not something that you would want to ride to work or school every day.

That is true, but if you don’t charge your segway…you’re SOL. And spinning on it’s axis all day long?? That may be true, but I think you’d get dizzy and you’d just be going in circles all day! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: I’d take a Segway…cause I’m lazy…lol.

That’s next on my list of things to put on a Segway, if only I had one. So, lemme see, 20" chrome rims, spinners, 17-speaker stereo system, dvd player…

one thing im sure you cant do on a segway but can on a unicycle.
bunny hops… if thats what you call them with unicycles… but…
that and im sure unicycles have ABS (however primitive) while in loose ground or you kinda spin your tires a bit and kinda fall off… kinda
as MattK shows us http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?action=single&picid=8297

Don’t forget your neon green ground lights…

excellent, totally chuckle worthy

Actually there are many unicyclists who do commute via unicycle. Think about it:

A unicycle is highly maneuverable. Busy sidewalks or even streets (legal definition is sometimes fuzzy, as with segway) are not a problem.

A unicycle can fit pretty much anywhere, and due to its weight can be carried or pushed easily if you are out of “oomph”

A unicycle is a form of personal expression. It says “I am willing to put the time into something that other people would just give up on”.

A unicycle is healthy. On a segway or bike, you have motors or different gears to help you out (All right, maybe a dozen unicycles in the world are exceptions such as blue shift (two internal gears), a couple motorized unis, the uber coker I referred to earlier) Your leg muscles, balance, coordination and general terrain awareness are improved.

You can go a lot farther than 17 miles on a unicycle, especially up on back roads. And you can easily carry your power supply.

A unicycle is very versatile. Have you ever seen someone wheel walk (move while balanced and pushing wheel with feet) a segway? How about jump onto a picnic table? And how many segway owners can ride off a several foot drop and still own a rideable segway? These are street and trials tricks you could conceivably do on the way to work.

A unicycle is a good way to get to know your friends better. Because your friends will want to ride it, and it takes time and hard work to learn. Time and hard work strengthen friendships. You would certainly let a friend ride a segway, but really anyone who can walk can ride a segway, so there would not be that bonding time.

Lastly, a good learning unicycle is affordable. Maybe $80-$90, and you really don’t have to upgrade. For a better one you can spend about $200, for the best (which are insanely durable) $500-$1000


I’ll probably be commuting to school next year on unicycle. I couldn’t do it this year because I had to drive our exchange student to school too.

Ground effects have been added to the list, as well as NOS.

WELLL!!! Um… you… err… DON’T GET A WEGGIE ON A SEGWAY LIKE YOU DO ON A UNICYCLE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k :wink:

i must say this is funny to look at— yeah unicyles never rode one but that’s okay-- segway haven’t had the chance yet either but whatever one day i shall-- it’s all good


how about PULSING neon green ground effects :smiley:
and u gotta get a paint job too, like flames or sum tribal stuff.

well of course, the lights pulse to the music. :cool:

And racing stripes down the front, I’d like to see THAT on a unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue: