pic: Sometimes you just stop caring about cables

I just noticed this one showing off one of our “lovely” streaming boxes. The cabling actually looked decent at the start of the season and by week 5, which is the week this photo was taken, everything just went downhill and cables were everywhere.

There’s a reason we have curtains in front of the scoring table at events… We love neat cable runs, but sometimes it’s just not possible, either due to time, inexperience, or a general lack of caring.

Which regional was this picture taken at?

I see labels… its all good.

This was taken at the Auburn District Event. I had to shoot a bunch of photos of our entire system for Kevin Ross to show to people in FIRST.

Here is my setup. I have 3 ‘rigs’ that I send around from event to event during the FRC season.


I just happen to be running a double broadcast today at the FLL International open.

You can view the stream at http://fllinternationalopen.org/canada/live-at-the-open/

I am super jealous of the fans and lights. I should try to get fans in ours.

We have two boxes for the two fields that we use at district events.

Front View: http://imgur.com/4EYYzUp

Seems a bit small, what kind of power are you packing in there?

The screens are just for diagnostics. Normal use come from remote control via a laptop.

Each case is a 8 core 3.5ghz AMD cpu. 8gb ram and a 128gb ssd all powered by a 350w psu.

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