pic: Soup's Drive Team

this is 1848(Soup)'s drive team at the peachtree regional.

The CircuitRunners are proud of the Georgia Robotics Alliance (GRA) “SOUP” team, a second year team. They were not picked for any alliance however one robot that was picked could not continue, so team 1848 was selected to the alliance. Well they ended up winning the Peachtree Regional competition along with 1127, 1369 & 1539. Don’t give up if you don’t get selected at first at First!:wink:

:ahh: I remember you guys!!
I loved the little wooden spoons you gave out!
Sadly I didnt get a chance to get one!
The big silver spoon you gave to the announcer guy was kick-butt!
You did a great job! Cant wait to see you next year!

  • Izzy (Team 1611)

YAY US! haha this thread is old…

cough cough… (psst, no thread reviving please :o )

sounds like it was a fun regional though.


then what are you doing, hmm? lol