pic: South of the Border

The absolute most over advertised tourist trap in the history of time. Welcome to South of the Border on the North Carolina/South Carolina borderline. The Giant sombrero is an observatory…you go up in it for a dollar… and see a fantastic view of I95, and trees. Lots of trees.

Ahh yes. Good ol South of the Border, the signs with Pedro entertain you the entire way there. Although the giant chickens are a little creepy. lol

Pedro says…
Everybody’s a weiner at South of the Border!
228 miles

If you’ve ever driven along I-95 through North and South Carolina, you’ll know what how insane their billboards are… :wink:

do they still sell fireworks there?

It is hard to tell but that picture almost looks photo-shopped :ahh:

No, No its not photoshopped that just what South of The Border Looks like, Have you ever seen the Movie the Langoliers, its like that, everything south of the border is just stale

(with that statement i may have just started the 2nd Civil War (unless you think it hasn’t ended yet))

South of the Border is a must-see for anyone traveling the east coast by car. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would’ve loved to stop there…unfortunately team 1676 didn’t when we traveled to Palmetto (from NJ) and my parents didn’t stop when we drove to Daytona two weeks later. That was a lot of driving… :ahh:

The Canuck


Why?? I can get better hot dogs at Coney Island Lunch in Worcester. (They are the BEST) :smiley:

I am amazed by your restraint, Billfred. Most SC folks have formed strong opinions regarding SoB. :rolleyes:

My parents grew up in Darlington. I went to HS in Florence, just a half hour down I-95 from South of the Border. Let’s just say most of my neighbors did not consider the place a source of regional pride.

I’m getting a little confused.
Why is there a hotdog stand in front of a sombrero tower and it is called South of The Border?

Are there ever any Mariachis?

This link may help clear up your confusion, Jane. There may have been Mariachis at some point in the history of this unsightly roadside attraction, but I’ve never seen them.

Well, I’m about two hours removed from where I-95 meets North Carolina, a route that I’ve never driven personally until I went to Duel on the Delaware. (I’ve been in the car on family trips and the like as a youngster, but I usually find myself taking I-95 South to go to all of the various Florida events.) Somehow, I managed to avoid actually pulling off the road for some twenty years, until a certain nut case in an umbrella hat suggested it.

And sadly, it does seem like the reports at the bottom of that roadsideamerica.com article have some truth to them–the place does seem a little rough around the edges. Might be the end-of-summer slump (and we didn’t really do much while there), but I can’t say for sure.

With all the “see the sites” threads we’ve been having these days, its almost as if we need a new category of “FIRST Site-Seeing Locations,” or “FIRST Travel and Tourism.”

I want a database… team XXX is located in City,State and here are the best things to see when you go to visit them.

A sombrero on a tower on the NC / SC border, who would have thought!?! :yikes:

Oh, roadside attraction, that makes sense.
No, no Mariachis would be there. Thank you.

I have been there a couple times in my life. I must say that it is a neat place. I hope no one took offense to what I said, I was just making an observation. I said it, knowing that it was not true. South of the Border is an interesting place in the least.

you two + fireworks = bad idea

I dont know how long they have been there, since the 50s?

I stopped there back in the 70s when I was in the Coast Guard in WPB Florida, driving either way back home to Buffalo. It makes a good milestone pitstop, being right on the boarder between states, because you tend to gauge where you are on a long trip by the state lines.

And also because you could buy fireworks in South Carolina, but not in North Carolina.

How many countless thousands of parents, taking their kids to florida on Route 95, had to listen to the kids in the back seat, for 100+ miles

when they started seeing the billboards: “CAN WE STOP AND GET FIREWORKS? CAN WE STOP AND GET FIREWORKS? CAN WE…”

I love the MOE shirt under the jacket, its impossible to keep the green hidden :slight_smile: