pic: Space Ship One

From Virgin Airlines, to take passengers into space. I'm assuming this is a prototype or scaled down model - never got close enough to see.

That is indeed a prototype or a down-scale model. I don’t know if its the angle at which the picture is taken or what, but it doesn’t even look like the actual one.
The **Actual One ** is two floors under me… :wink: …hanging in National Air and Space Museum, downtown DC.


spaceshipone is a one of the bright and shiny stars in engineering history. team 1641 doesn’t have to look very far for engineering inspiration as ss1 was built in our own backyard, the high school is adjacent to the airport/spaceport. we are also very lucky to have the ss1 crew chief as our lead technical mentor and our engineering mentor is also employed by scaled composites. if you are attending the san diego or las vegas regionals stop by our pit, mr. losey and mr. reeder are always graciously willing to inspire future engineers with spaceship stories.



how about a SpaceBot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… that is awesome. There are all kinds of FIRST mentors who are doing wonderful things. These are the right kind of people that we all can look up to as heroes. The future is being developed by FIRSTers!

Andy B.

Don’t give Dave any more ideas! :ahh: