pic: SpaceX 3:44 AM History

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 Rocket and unmanned Dragon capsule this morning. On board contains scientific experiments designed by college students.

May 25th will be the first time a commercial spacecraft will rendezvous with the International Space Station, and if the Dragon Capsule performs well during maneuvers and tests, the astronauts aboard the ISS will use the robotic arm to grab the capsule and perform the first commercial docking. The astronauts will then be able to receive other supplies on board.

This is a huge step for the commercialization of space. Today I’m going to have many ask me “Why did you wake up that early?” and my response will simply be that I won’t tell my grand kids about the day I got full night’s rest. Go SpaceX!

These are two time lapsed photos I took, which pasted together in paint.

Video of the launch located at http://www.floridatoday.com/videonetwork/1649487696001/Historic-SpaceX-launch

By the way, this rocket launch was aborted Saturday May 19th 4:55am (yes I was watching). The video is pretty humorous “3, 2, 1, 0 and lifffftoff…we have a…cutoff…”

I wish I could have made it there Barry! I was also there on the first night it scrubed! Much dissapointment with FLASH then… what just happened? I’m glad it finally took off and only wish I could have seen it this morning.

I believe that the issue was traced to a faulty valve in Engine 5.

  • Sunny G.

Thanks for the pics, Barry ! :cool:

I too was up both Saturday morning and this morning to watch the launches…My only issue is they aren’t visible from Indiana, so I had to rely on NASA TV. Part of the fun is watching the difference in the SpaceX and NASA guys, or as I noticed, jeans/shorts/t-shirts vs. suits and ties.

Oh to live close enough to see a launch… The one time I saw one was when I was 5yo and I barely remember it. But hey it inspired me and that is all that matters right? I mean it is pretty much the only thing I remember about that vacation to Florida.

I watched it online!!! It was soooooooo cool!!!

I watched it live from cocoa beach, got a good picture of walle waving goodbye I’ll put up later

That’s what the official release said, I’m going to go with that.

I was up early enough, and in Titusville–but not quite in time to make it out to the nearest good viewing, so had to settle for webcast.

If you were in Titusville you could have just walked outside and saw it.

Two problems with that. One, I’m often a tad bit directionally disoriented by the time I get to where I’m staying. Two, I’m not exactly in Titusville proper–I’m staying at The Great Outdoors with some of my teammates for Lunabotics, and it just so happens that a lot of the lower-sky directions are blocked by either trees or houses. The group that went out to watch it went to the Merritt Island causeway.

Dang, well it wasnt as pretty as a shuttle launch becuase normally you can see the body of the shuttle but since this rocket had 9 engines it was super bright so all it looked like was we were launching a star into orbit.


I must say I’m very luck to have been able to snag this picture, weird time to be happy a rocket* launch was delayed.

That is an epic picture. Send it to SpaceX and I bet they would put it up on their website.

Winner of coolest picture I’ve seen yet is this one, where EPCOT’s Mission Space building makes an X with the path of the rocket.


More cool facts:
The Falcon 9 had on board the ashes of Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the 6th American in space. It also carried the ashes of James Doohan, who played Scotty in the original Star Trek series.

Check out the official launch video from SpaceX. The coolest part isn’t the launch, its at 12:50… go there, and keep watching.

Want to witness for yourself history and the making? Go to www.heavensabove.com and track when the dragon capsule goes over your house. You can see it with the naked eye. In a couple days, you’ll see both the space station and dragon go by together.

picture is huge, but this one pretty cool to guys.

  • Andrew

Cool photo. Do you know who took it?

After the launch, a portion of the celebration moved to the SpaceX headquarters roof, where Dragon was visible three hours after launch. It was pretty epic.

I’m not sure if it’ll be webcast and/or on NASA TV, but early tomorrow morning we start the C2 demo phase of the mission, where we demonstrate that we can navigate and move around ISS successfully. Once this is done and we get the okay from NASA, we’ll berth with ISS the next day, which I believe will be shown on NASA TV.


I found it on Tampa Bay Channel 9 News website, they give credit to
Matt Stroshane / Disney Parks Blog

Keep us posted Kevin, I’m rooting for you all like you’re my sports team.

I sent the photo to Elon & Gwynne (our CEO & President) and a bunch of other folks. People are digging the double SpaceX “swoosh”.

Dragon is doing great and we’re preparing for operations with ISS over the next couple of days.


Random thought: Any FIRST alumni involved with this?