pic: Spam 180 robot


SPAM 180 Robot all done.

Is that a large fan I spy on the back of your robot?

hmm…I see your back four wheels… :confused:

We had to remove our secondary lateral drive system due to weight (I’m amazed that you fit your in) and we have 2-16" propellers rather than 1-22" propeller.

Ours can be seen here. you can see under the fans where our lateral drive was going to be.

Good luck at your regionals, we had a great time pushing everyone around.


Good looking robot. It’s hard to see everything that’s going on though…got any more pics?

We do have more pics if you want them just send me a message. However, the robot is pretty simple. There is a fan to add pushing power. the two metal towers have hooks that grab the ball and kind of forcefully drops them into the trailers. There is the drop down chassis that gives us the ability to drive sideways and get out of tough situations. And then the module control box which we can take out and put right in our practice bot in about 10 mins.

That has a very close resemblance to Team 45’s robot and it seemed to do well with the big fan. Best of luck to you guys.