pic: SPAM Crate

The result of crate refurbishing being assigned to me. Yes, SPAM is people. :slight_smile:

lol… That made my day…



Spam spam spam spam SPAM Spa-Spa-Spa-SPAM SPAM SPAMSPAM

okay sry:D I couldn’t resist!

People? But Soylent said it’s algae!?!?! I bet that goes good on soylent loaf.

Woo, you have to bring that to the Hawaii Regional next year! Spam is so popular here that it’s even served at McDonald’s for breakfast.

haha. I can bring a few cans to competition. Let me know if you want to give spam a try. it’s actually quite good fried. :slight_smile:

>>at one of our meetings, one of the electrical guys came up with a t-shirt saying “SPAM…made for people, by people, of people” but sadly it did not win the vote…so i chose to include the saying on the crate.