pic: Spam Drive Team After Hours

Staying over in Palmetto Saturday, we couldn’t get our wireless network for the Xboxs to work, so Matt Downs(top), our driver, and I(Bottom), our coach, find something to do with our time.
Can you figure it out?

im guessing it is some indoor, dry version of that game stomp you all were playing @ USC…

There are easier ways of getting a bug off the ceiling. Besides the dead carcass lands on your pillow, think people, think!

I’m sure the people in the room next to you were REALLY excited about you doing that.

Being loud in the hotel room

… this is why I suggest the spam girls to not to get into Matt’s (their driver) room, also to get a room which is atleast 5 rooms down from him.

thats about as bad as the video that some of my teammates last year made. they video taped themselves jumping from one bed to another bed and bouncing onto a chair. it was pretty funny.

Well… at least they’re not stuffing themselves into a shower this year. Did you get any complaints from the people above you? Next year, bring some cards!


Haha, actually Matt only contacted the ceiling once, and we never hit the wall. However, the bed was a dang brick, so each jump was followed by 30 seconds of weezing :-p

somebody from indiana needs to teach those guys how to play some euchre

whoa…i couldn’t get that much air if i tryed. and whats on the ceiling a bug or what?

haa haa…right arefin

we aren’t allowed to tech. be next to guy rooms adults room are in between usually…

and we aren’t allowed in a guy room… i was watching tv w/ my roommate during all of this…then you can hear the guys running to their rooms before curfew

chicken fingers taped to the ceiling? honestly, you guys amaze me.

mostly, i’m jealous because i couldn’t be there. that would have been fun.

Well, I guess that is more productive than rolling a mattress around a certain Ricky Q., wrapping it in duct tape, and calling it a “Ricky-Taco”…

Teresa ruined it!

Yes, that is a chicken finger taped to the ceiling. We got some pretty good distance when we could finally hit it…

At first glance I thought you were aiming to kick the ceiling tiles in.

Actually, because we didn’t trust the cleaning staff to much the Xbox ended up hidden in the ceiling…

wait… how did you manage that? duct tape? :ahh:

naahhh…just lifted one and put the Xbox on the one next too it…theres another story behind that, but you’ll have to find me at Nats to hear it :wink:

sighs i wont be going nats though pm me for story because i want to hear this!