pic: SPAM Enforcers


Lunch rules were strictly enforced at the kickoff event with SPAM. :-p

Those are really just iPod earbuds aren’t they? :wink:

(SPA)M_I_B ?

and hey, i dunno about budget cuts but you prolly want 2 sets. not just one stereo headphones shared half and half. first off you cant go apart. and second, you might miss something.

Shh, noooo
We’re secret agents! Shhh!
Those Headphones directly connect us to…glance Drop the Bomb - DDR
shifty eyes

oh what do u know it’s the ppl blocking our way to get food :wink:

all well it’s all good–just having fun that lovely jan 8th

Black trench coats are soo last year.
Looks like SPAM shirts are the new wardrobe in the Matrix! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’ll be the next iPod commerical…someone dodging bullets matrix-style, with the iPod headphones staying in their ears! :-p