pic: SPAM FRC 180 Teaser for Recycle Rush

See you in South Florida!

Looking good. Hopefully we get to see you guys sometime this season.

I cannot wait to see this robot in person. It is by far the most… Interesting… Design that I’ve seen.

Fantastic work fabricating that fire extinguisher sign! I never cease to be impressed by SPAM’s legibility and sign crafting abilities. I know they worked hard this off season creating many prototypes, and the students learned that very small print and baby blue lettering just doesn’t grab the attention needed in situations of emergency. Good luck at the International Safety Sign-Crafting Competition and Expo this year!

I’m intrigued. Can’t wait to see what cool design our friends in the south cooked up this year!

Not to mention the handicap and gym signs as well. Although, the presentation could have been better for those; there seems to be some gray stuff obstructing the view. I still have to say though the font and color choices are on point. :slight_smile:

My opinion:
9.5/10 Simple, elegant, and awe-inspiring safety sign. One of the most safest that I’ve seen. Would definitely have an emergency here. My only problem is that the sign is not wearing safety glasses or closed toed shoes.

The students decided to name this year’s sign crafting robot:

<drum roll>
Bin Diesel :smiley:


If I didn’t already have an automatic desire to play with S.P.A.M. after winning two regionals alongside them over the years, this would’ve sealed the deal. Hope we can make it 3 for 3 this year! :slight_smile:

I normally don’t like teasers but I love the display of this one.