pic: SPAM Girl's Camp 2

Wearing Swamp Thing Green Tee’s, Becca, Me, Noelle, and Tiffany do our “surprise faces.”

Looks like you girls were having fun. Good luck with the RCU Tiff and Britt. Have fun at camp this week. That’s a great idea for introducing the pit to the new rookie members. :slight_smile:

heh heh heh nice shirts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and brittany u need to work on ur robot :smiley:

Hey…lol. That was so my barbie pose! lol. that’s what the other girls said. lol. well, so far this camp has been a great learning experience…maybe i’ll try the pit crew next year. :wink:

I like the idea of having a camp where you can learn the equipment. Maybe we will start a camp next year and have a boys camp too. :stuck_out_tongue:

id like a camp too. maybe at least have access to anything… school’s locked up for the summer and noone’ll let us in. well, to anywhere near where id like to be.
so no fiddling with anything til school starts. sucks… so, who does these camps? as in who organizes? ex) school? mentor? just on your own?

The camp was organized by one of our mentors/parent/teacher Mrs. Lee. One of our machinists, Jack, has been helping out a lot with the camp. So far, it’s been great. :wink: :slight_smile:

[FONT=Impact]hey, yah i agree… britt is doing the robot…hahaha, but yah, this camp is a lot of fun, and i get to use power tools!!! -grin-, but i have learned a lot so it’s sooooo much fun!! :cool: [/FONT]

I think that this is an amaizing way to get more girls and guys … people in general, to be intrested in robotics … and therein FIRST!! I will definetly bring this up at my teams next meeting … this would definetly bring more people that are TRULY interested in joining the team to experience first hand some of things that they will be doing!! :yikes: :smiley:

Will someone please e-mail me with the details of exactly how the camp was set up and the activities that were conducted!!! :slight_smile:

E-mail: saorisan1369@yahoo.com

basically our camp is set up to help the girls on our team— as i leave for college next year we need other girls in the pit crew-- i was one of the first girls in our pit working-- and mary is now a part too-- but generally on our team the guys take over the pit and the girls don’t work in the pit-- we are just showing the girls that we as females can work on the machine and bot

The set up was because of my mom–she had a vision to bring more girls on board.

First we learned about the safety concerns. And we are actually making our own nut and bolt. And we are actually fixing up our omini wheels-- wheels need new rubber.

The girls are learning all the tools and how to use the Bridgeport along with the lathe. :slight_smile: Those are fun to use!! (hee hee :wink: )

OOh OOh, i took the picture!! you can credit me with taking the picture!!! I’m the bestest picture taker of spam-posered-swamp thing girls. yeah, that’s me!!! and… oh yeah, i’ve gone back to take command of the machinery… run for your life!!! and… good news, so far i haven’t had to sing to the machinery yet to make it work, aren’t you all so proud of me? right tiffany? aren’t you extremely proud of me???

oh yeah, and i have one more question… how come becca (a rookie) gets a swamp thing shirt and i don’t? i want one!!!

You guys look like you could be Kamen’s Angels. LOL :smiley:
I wonder if there’s a team with that name…