pic: SPAM Queen Graduates!!!

When I was told I was alloud to decorate my graduation cap… my first instinct was SPAM! So I cut out a shirt, and glued the logo on. My parents and everyone else could easily spot my cap from anywhere in the gymnasium. I also wore my 2006 Florida gold with pride.!!!

I just read on a can that today (May 25 2007) is the 70th anniversary of spam!

Who knows… maybe one day will be the 70th anniversary of S.P.A.M. :smiley:

Very cool. That would be incredible… I’d be 88, and still be wearing that cape with pride. It’s not like SPAM ever ages or anything. The preservatives will keep us alive forever!

First of all, Congratulations on graduating, Brittany!

Secondly, I hope my school lets us do this…and if they don’t, I’ve still got two years to convince them!

Thank you… and good luck! It feels amazing, nothing like showing FIRST pride atop your graduation cap. =)

Really great idea Brittany, and you did a great job with it.
Congratulations on your graduation!

Man do I wish our boring school would let us do this, it is a great idea. We were going to do red, white, and blue tassels and that did not work out either.:slight_smile:

First of all, Congratulations Brittany…But did you really have to cut up a S.P.A.M. shirt?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

That is really cool, Congratulations, etc…

The real questions is: Where to next?

Next I’m off to UCF… to become an exploding pig? My mentoring FLL teams opporties with unity through S.P.A.M. have actually geared me to lean more towards majoring in elementary education and a little away from engineering. Either way, I’ll stay a FIRSTer for life. =)