Find out in 2 weeks!

Hmmm…some sort of metal frame.

Or perhaps the frame is a red herring and Dillard’s making his travel plans to come to Palmetto for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to see what the SPAMmers come up with this year–every year seems to be crazier than the one before.

<Sean Connery>
Trebeck, I have a conundrum for you, a riddle if you will…
I see metal, I see tracks, I see SPAM planning an attack!
</Sean Connery>

tis ain’t much of a teaser to me…since i’ve know S.P.A.M. for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m glad the bot is coming along and hi Mr. Dillard! and the rest of the S.P.A.M. gang!


my inside sources suggest that he may, in fact, be working on a robot.

…or a soda fountain. one of those two, definitely

Not just any robot! A S.P.A.M. ROBOT! Gary is like Frankenstein, building a beast, a giant, a creature of whose existance would boggle the minds of even the most intelligent geniuses, putting them in mental institutions while they can only say “it was meaner than anything that could have ever existed in this world.” When this robot collides head-on at full speed with Fluffy, the world and human existance, will come to an end with an explosion equivalent to that of a nuclear warhead, followed by a brief hiatus in the existance of time and the rebirth of the universe through the big bang. The only way to survive is to wear your safety glasses. :wink:

(I may have exaggerated just a little.)

wow…i gotta see this ‘soda fountain’, through my safety glasses, of course. Can’t wait for another awesome S.P.A.M. robot. :slight_smile:

I see SPAMS mentor working on a robot!!! :slight_smile:

Team Driver/Designer

Yes, contrary to popular belief, the team actually lets me touch the robot during build season. OK, they didn’t actually “let” me - the meeting was over and the students who had been working on the robot had left so I was able to get near it.

And the answer to the burning question, “What is Gary working on?” Ok, I’ll give away part of the secret. At the moment the picture was taken, I was securing some wiring with a tiewrap.