pic: SPAM'S 2007 Robot!

I love fluffy. =)

Very nice design, I like how you pay homage to prior years with the spinning light. :rolleyes:

Looks a little beaten up. Kinda like it went through a couple regionals; and those bolts look a little too rusty…:rolleyes:

… you mean this robot has been finalist at the championship?

True… true…

Their site was down, so I couldn’t confirm my suspicions :slight_smile:

do you know what this looks like?

a battle bot…



OH man, we have drill motors again ?!

Wow, This is amazing, your robot looks identical to the 2005 teaser! :rolleyes:

Please, pay no attention to the man behind the face paint.

While Fluffy defended her honor quite well during the 2002 competition, she is in retirement and will not be competing this year. Probably couldn’t pass tech inspection anyway.

In true S.P.A.M. fashion, our robot is still a few bolts shy of complete. With a lot of luck, we might be finished in time for the Swampthing scrimmage.

see the lexan ramp? works every time!