pic: SPAM's 2008 Robot



here are videos of SPAM’s robot

Spam Rules, 'nuff said. I love how that arm is like a mini version of your arm last year. That robot is like the coolest thing since sliced bread. Seriously my favorite of the year to this point, I just absolutely love how it brings the ball in. Makes me giggle inside.

Can’t wait till ucf, maybe we’ll have a “battle of the breakfast meats” v.3

SWEET! Looks great guys, thanks for showing it. It looks fast.

What a neat robot! I love everyone’s reaction to this video. Let’s see more of that at UCF. :smiley:

UCF is going to be fun this year… again.

How fast do does the robot travel?

Actually I think it is one of our slower robots… we geared it down 3 times… so now it actually only goes like 12 ft/s… it originally was over 20 ft/s… but that is a little dangerous… and although our robot this year isn’t our safest we didn’t want to put too much more faith in the kids driving the robot and not hurting people.

Yeah I agree that 20 fps is pretty fast. Honestly, I think anything over 15 fps is pushing it considering other robots and field elements will be on the track, and it won’t be often when the robot will be hitting those top speeds.

I agree so we geared it down in order to give our driver more control.

Did the shooter put spin on the ball? It didn’t look like it bounced as I was expecting it to.

Nope. It just goes up. Sometimes quite literally, so we usually want some forward momentum when we launch.