pic: Spam's 2010 Breakaway robot

Is that tank drive or crab drive?

And what are the pneumatics for?

The picture has me wondering many things about your robot.

It’s crab drive…S.P.A.M’s first attempt at swerve. We thought it would be a lot like our 2004 holonomic robot, but it end’s up having its own unique characteristics. It is 4 wheel steering (all together), and we cannot let the modules turn > 360 without literally wrapping the power cables around the axle.

The pneumatics are for our kicking mechanisms.

Looking forward to playing with you guys at UCF!


We have one of your old students as our driver this year. He has been waiting anxiously to see what you guys have been up to. Looks goods, and good luck in Florida.

Mmmm, crab flavored spam… Mark told me about the sla sucker doo dad, how well does it hold balls? Does she hang? It’s interesting how many of us used the kit frame this year. Congrats, see you guys in a couple weeks!

You can solve your 360 rotation problem with an encoder :slight_smile:
If you need help and you are using LV I can help out.

Thanks, but it’s more of a hardware problem. If we wrap 360+ deg, we’ll pull the motor wires out of their Anderson connectors :wink: So, we allow 330deg of rotation before we have to re-orient the wheels. Steering is encoder based. We opted for the “BlackJag” CAN bus approach to control all the chassis motors, and it seems to be working out for us. We’ll see how well it works out in competition.

We’re using WindRiver and C++


I like it.
Very low and clean.

How well does it take the bumps?

The AM swerves are unaltered. She’s a tunnel rat.