pic: SPAM's new buttons

SPAM’s new buttons for Atlanta

why does the “Watchmen” button say 181?!?

says 180 for their team #

No that definately says 181 lol

I will take one of each KKthanx? :slight_smile:

may look like it but its not what it says. Quit be crazy. U no what it says.

Ya i know…181! lol

OMG, want the green lantern button. :yikes:

ok I know of looks like 181 but that’s only because the color changes half way thru the zero it says 180 the pics just not as good as seeing it IRL

Those are fantastic!!! I would love to snag up myself a Flash one… too bad I’m not going to Atl! :frowning:

…but who SPAMs the SPAMmers?

You better submit one of each of these to Team 201’s Worlds best button contest!

I just want the middle one please :slight_smile:
ohh and the Spider one :slight_smile:

wow I need the captain america one…:wink:

These are pretty cool. Much cooler than ours. We’ve just got a rectangular thing with our logo and number on it (ran out of time before regionals to figure something out, so we went with the obvious choice). I’ll definitely have to snag one or two when I get up there :slight_smile:

Hurray for SPAM being in our division. :slight_smile:

Make sure Ken Patton gets one of the upper right ones. :stuck_out_tongue: