pic: Spare Parts out Friday!

Everyone! Please go see the film this coming weekend. Lionsgate will open more theaters across the country if opening week is a big hit. Please help us make it a big hit!

Every website I find says some variation of “showtimes are not available in your area” - does that mean Spare Parts is not going to be released in Indianapolis, or that it will be released but simply not scheduled yet? I am Looking Forward to seeing this movie - I got to see the Underwater Dreams screening at CMP, and I’m working my way through the Spare Parts book now.

I’m curious about this as well. I actually just posted on AMC’s facebook page asking if they will be showing it in their theaters.

I also am having the same problem. I am trying to view all showtimes on Friday, but that is currently 4 days away. They only have showtimes available for a few movies, and not a complete list yet.

Try checking again closer to Friday.

Woohoo! Fandango seems to indicate that this will be showing in Houston and Cinemark’s web site seems to confirm this.


Go to the link above, type in your location and click “Go” to see if/where it is showing near you.

Looks like it’s not playing anywhere near me…well that’s disappointing.

Same thing for me, very disappointing.

The response I got from AMC was “Yes, we’ll have SPARE PARTS at many locations. Tickets/showtimes will be posted here by next Tuesday night: https://amctheaters.com/movies/spare-parts

Not quite sure why the update will happen 4 days after the release but it’s better than nothing.

I also asked on AMC’s Facebook page: “Will the movie “Spare Parts” be shown in all theaters nationwide, or will it be only in a few select theaters?”

The reply I got was:

“It’s a somewhat limited release, we’re scheduled to have it on ~100 screens to start. It may be expanded if it does well -Brien”

Only 100 screens…that isn’t very many.

I’d encourage everyone to go see it, so it does well, so others can see it also! (Or send an email/letter/telegram/carrier pigeon to AMC and ask for it to be expanded.) Or if a bunch of people ask about it on their Twitter/Facebook/Social Media outlets, it might spark more interest. Who knows.

Waiting to see if the local theater will show it, but they only have the showtime schedule through Wednesday up. This page is encouraging, though.

I am being told by the theaters that will be posting times on Wednesday if they are going to show it…