pic: SPARK 562's Robot


It’s a ball harvester and a 2x ball placer. The arm can flip all the way overhead to carry the big 2x ball around while we harvest using a simple hopper system. We’ll be at BAE in Manchester!

Any questions?

Ball control at it’s greatest!

I am a little curious what you’re using to drive…

Hope to see you in finals!

We’re using the drill motors in 1st gear to drive with the provided 4.5:1 reduction system. They do the job, and it let us spend time designing and building other stuff. We used the Chiaphuas the last couple years because we felt the game required a lot of pushing power, but this year we didn’t see it as much of an issue.

The arm uses the van door and globe motors, and the hopper is driven by a window motor.

does your arm roll the ball in or open & close?

The big arm opens and closes. There is plenty of force holding the ball in place. We can pick a big 2x ball up off the floor or the small goal, and place it on the small goal or the tall goal (without climbing the steps). We can also knock the 2x ball off a goal by swinging up under it.

The small balls are picked up by rolling them into the frame, and to dump them we just reverse the direction. There are two drums that spin in opposite directions to do that. The opening for small balls is probably about 24" so it’s pretty easy to get them.

By the way, 121, I’m really looking forward to seeing how your 2x ball grabbers work! You have a pretty unique design (as usual).

This is a beautiful machine! Great dual function in using the cage as the ground link on the arm. Well done!


What is that blue stuff on the tires?

It looks like an omni-wheel so that they can turn easier.

Close… it’s big blue zip ties. They’re attached like snow-chains, with rings on the sides, then looped over the wheel. Without them, we had the infamous bounce while turning.

Matt, thanks for the compliments! It’s pretty simple and functional. This is easily the most flexible robot our team has designed.