pic: Sparky 384's Mecanums!

Well this is basicaly our robot as of saturday January 27th, 2007… Pre mechanism :slight_smile:

THis thing is absolutely beautiful. How much does it weigh and how much weight did all of the cheeseholing take off. Also I’m assuming that it is powdercoated. AMAZING

Looks like Sparky 8 is going to be another very effective, and good looking robot. I look forward to seeing it at VCU, but playing against it… well, thats a whole other story…


I don’t see any feedback on the wheels. Are you planning to have talented drivers controlling it “open loop” without computer assistance?

I’m guessing the flag will be removed before competition?

That is one beautiful robot. I cant wait to see them at VCU this year. Yall have done such a great job, and it is so great to see such great collaboration coming together. I only wish I could have been there for it all. Great job guys, and keep up the amazing work.

Holee S***! nice 'bot framebase.

Oh, FYI, Spanky is no more, replaced by Ace

-Charles Raitt, Chief Electrician and Jack-of-all-Trades, Team 1793, VCU region

the frame after being cheeseholed, was 10lbs… and before you ask? 17lbs!
we lost 7lbs from all the cheesholing, and it’s still very structurally sound. And, yes, has been powdercoated, and the blue is a lot more brilliant in person. :slight_smile: You’re gonna love it even more at VCU under the bright lights.

We’re still thinking over that, but yes it seems likely we’re going to be using a “talented” driver to make those crazy arcs, that he’s gotten so good at. We are including some closed loop programming for the mechanism, and autonomous mode of course :slight_smile:

Actually Joe, we’re planning on replacing our red/blue flag used for the designation of alliance, with the American flag. It’s our new way of pychin’ people out. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!

Very pretty frame; looks very solid.
Can you climb a ramp? What’s your clearance?

Clearance is between 1-3/4" and 2", so it should be able to climb just about any ramp.

Very nice! Good work Sparky Team!

I am very impressed on the paint job on the mecannums! Orange Mec. wheels spinning in the blue frame would be cool.

I look forward to giving you all a place to ‘park’ at the compeition!

You think it looks nice… Trying seeing it in action. It’s truly awesome.

if only someone had pink mec wheels

Way to Go Sparky!
Looking forward to see you guys at VCU

Always a good bot and well rounded chairmans team :smiley:


Awsome looking machine, which is traditional from your team. However, why blue paint? The Sparkies of the past have always been orange haven’t they? Anyway, we look forward to seeing you at VCU. Good luck to everyone this year!:slight_smile:

I recall their robots being both. Their '05 robot seems to confirm it: http://flickr.com/photos/billfred/39027483/

(Of course, as a Gamecock, I much prefer the blue over the orange.)

Sparky 1 was blue with an orange fireball.
Sparky 2.0, 3.0, 4, & 5 were bare aluminum with some “non-functional decorations”.
Sparky 6 was a dark orange powder coat.
Sparky 7 was bright orange.

You have only seen PART of Sparky 8.

Stay tuned…