pic: Sparky 6.0ish


Yeah, that's it. No, we arn't done. Yes, we powder coated the wheels too.

The poster in the back right says “Be The Best You Can Be”. It’s corny, I hate it, but it’s my great school still, you could do a lot worse in Henrico County. :wink:

Any questions so far?

Is that the 2005 robot? Good gracios those wheels are huge. Is weight an issue? Anyhow, very nice job.

How much ground clearance does it have? Can you drive though a goal?

As of right now, weight is not an issue. Big as of right now though. Things can add up, and things change.

how quick can sparky go?

Man, your cafeteria is so cool, it has the trash cans that says thank you on them.

At the top left of the pic, I see 3 tetras stacked on a short goal. Yet I see no arm or any other logical stacking mechanism on Sparky 6.0 - Does this mean you guys have figured out how to teleport things using only the kit of parts?! Please share. :slight_smile:

To answer all questions, it’s fast enough… he he he… It has a lift kit, so we shall be taking it off road. And finally we really don’t have to move, we have determined how to defy gravity with a directional tractor beam. We will be publishing the schematics in the white papers in the next few weeks. And it is all legal parts, expect the 500 page white paper in a short time.

We had aluminum wheels custom made this year. They weigh around a pound each. We have super tread (i dont know the real name for it) that will not slip on carpet. The wheels are also powdercoated white. As for the arm, we didn’t have the arm when this was taken, but we should have it soon! It is the best driving robot I have had the pleasure of driving.

oh when you go off roading watch out for dog poop in the grass cuz itll stink up the room the robot is stored in and noone wants to rub it off. it does eventually wear off but yea… eventually

kool robot. kool battery holder. but just remember no duct tape! :smiley:

Nice chassis! :slight_smile: How many of the 6 wheels are physically under driven power?
It’s tough to see in the pic but is the frame all aluminum channel TIG welded together?

And I do like the cafeteria also! :wink:

nice place to work guys :wink:

but way cool so how fast is it now??? neat drive chain though 3 wheels on both sides is interesting
and keep being the best that you all can be :wink:

have fun w/ u’r bot guys- good luck

Yup, 6 powered wheels, via chain drive. It’s fast, let’s put it this way, I couldn’t get away from it if Crebber were chasing me with it. Yeah, and we are lucky with being provided with great testing areas. A nice shop to work in, with all the tools we need, including hand and CNC mills and lathes, small but they get the job done, power tools multiple work benches. And then the cafeteria, where we do all of our testing. We are truly lucky. Hopefully Crebber will be on tomorrow and answer questions a bit more clearly than I can. I’ve gone from a student to a mentor this year, so I’m not there every day working with the guys anymore, but I’m there a few times a week to know what’s going on.

The arm is coming guys, honest!

Stock ordered last week - Chris came in Saturday to fab some parts.

Made some changes to the assembly methods.

(Try to remember : It is easy to make holes bigger - it is hard to make them smaller. “I have drilled out this hole three times and it’s STILL too big!?!?!?!”)

Question - why are we trying to fit an inch gear on a metric shaft?

Adapters-R-Us; sure hope it holds up.

BTW - think bolt-on, and assembled by students.

Should have something next mtg; work schedule and ice-storms permitting.

Sorry your question hasn’t been answered, but yes, it can drive through a goal very well.

Don’t worry Leo, everything is cool, we understand. Plus, we had some fun this weekend, a nice break to stufy for exams, etc.