pic: Sparky and Eagle

The Average Joes built two robots for 2016. On bag night we decided that Eagle, the one that uses Talon motor controllers, would be our competition robot. Sparky, also named for its motor controllers, served as the practice robot. They were very nearly identical until we added a scaling mechanism to Eagle. Our scale can be seen in Newton Q105, and QF2-1.

Summary of scoring capabilities in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzAfb6eyxs0

Overall WLT record 49-17-1 (4 events listed below)

2nd seed, 1st overall pick at St. Joseph District (Week 2)
Event Winners with 2767 and 5069
J&J Gracious Professionalism Award
OPR 47.8, highest at event

1st seed at East Kentwood District (Week 5)
Semifinalists with 2967 and 5622
KPCB Entrepreneurship Award
OPR 59.7, highest at event

9th seed, 8th Alliance Captain at Michigan State CMP
Octofinalists with 3357 and 3604
OPR 57.8, third highest at event

9th seed, 4th overall pick at CMP Newton Subdivision
Semifinalists with 179, 3937, and 3360
OPR 70.4, fourth highest in subdivision, ninth highest at CMP
World high qualifying match score (227) in Q65 with 16 and 2614