pic: Spartan larping

Fallout3 LARP with airsoft. what can i say?

This is pure awesome! The only thing that boggles me is that you had the time to fabricate/attain this amazing suit, yet you use what appears to be a pie tin front and center? :stuck_out_tongue: What’s up with that? Regardless, nice work!

As will.i.am would say, “It’s dope” :stuck_out_tongue:

the pie plate is what you had to hit to eliminate me in the game.

I have a helmetcam vid up on my youtube from that event www.youtube.com/TytusG it was called “Wasteland II”](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVRDo1HwTpU)

I have one of those suits too! Did you use aqua resin/fiberglass or cardboard?

Try using a ski mask to cover up you neck so you can have the complete Spartan effect. I have one for my armor. It provides the aesthetic and it keeps the sweat from hitting your eyes.

it is polyester cloth and epoxy resin formed through the pepakura method. its thickness is between 1/8" to 3/8" thick

Very nice! Since I have an artistic edge, I’m going to start off small with cardboard framework with a foam interlining. When I was making the thighs, I literally though it looked like if it were from Red Vs. Blue.